Nov 8, 2021

Episode 62: Lauren’s New Lifestyle

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

In this episode you all are going to get to meet Lauren.  Coach Carrie has known Lauren for a while and, all along, Lauren has been really obsessed with eating clean and healthy.  But she had SO many things going on that she couldn’t get a hold of!  Things like inflammation, cravings, stagnant weight loss, feeling guilty about food… 

Sound familiar?  Lauren is going to talk about WHY it took her so dang long to finally listen to us and what happened when she did!  She and Carrie will discuss…

Getting SO Sick in SPITE of Healthy Eating 

  • Eating healthy and exercising, and practicing positive mindsets… and yet getting sick
  • Thinking she KNEW what food was, when she REALLY didn’t know what a protein, fat, and carb really was
  • Overdoing her carbs not realizing that fruit WAS carbs
  • Thinking that AGE was causing weight gain and that it just needed to be accepted

The Game Changer!

  • Being able to go on vacation and STILL do the lifestyle launch
  • Being able to stay on the program without being deprived
  • Realizing that the concept of eating correctly was SO much more sustainable and opened up endless possibilities
  • Recognizing that it isn’t about eating DIFFERENTLY, but eating in proper balance

Experiencing and Recognizing the NonScale Victories

  • Recognizing that weight loss is a byproduct of getting to your OPTIMAL HEALTH when you balance blood sugar
  • Finding more energy and a clearer mind
  • Feeling more emotionally stable
  • Finding that her wedding ring was fitting better again
  • Feeling more in control of her destiny
  • Being able to enjoy the freedom to eat dessert and just LIVE without guilt

Making it Work with a BUSY Lifestyle

  • Lauren is a mom who ALSO owns a Real Estate Company
  • Recognizes that every meal doesn’t have to be a holiday extravaganza
  • Is able to eat on the go with meals like a tuna pocket with apple
  • No longer goes all day without eating just because she is BUSY

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