Mar 8, 2021

Episode 30: Menopause and Metabolism

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

In part two of a two part menopause series that has turned into an EIGHT PART series, Coach Carrie is joined by Mark McDonald, the father of PFC Every 3!  Mark is a diet, nutrition, fitness & health expert, television star, global instructor and speaker and the author of the New York Times bestselling book Body Confidence! He is also the founder of Venice Nutrition, the company through which Disruptive Nutrition’s coaches are certified!  Carrie and Mark join forces in the episode to talk about menopause and FOOD… and men should tune into this one too! They discuss…

Andropause (changes men’s bodies face with age)

  • Mark talks a bit about his 3 part HLN series about men
  • Women who get healthy inspiring their husbands
  • Men can use food to fuel their bodies too!
  • Men need to TUNE in too!

The SIX Essential Nutrients

  • Protein, fats, & Carbs
  • Vitamins, minerals, & water


  • Every gram of protein provides your body with 4 calories
  • Protein provides your body with nitrogen
  • Dairy is protein source but it is very processed and inflammatory
  • Chicken, eggs, turkey, quinoa are great sources of protein
  • Any source of protein that comes from an animal has all the 9 essential amino acids that your body can access immediately
  • Plant Based proteins have nonessential amino acids that need to be combined in order to balance glucagon in the body
  • Assignment: Choose the 5 types of complete protein you like!

Anabolic vs Catabolic Environments in the Body

  • Anabolic environments in the body mean you are building muscle
  • Catabolic environments means your body is cannibalizing your muscle
  • More nitrogen= anabolic
  • Less nitrogen= catabolic

Eat Fat to Burn Fat

  • Fat removed, means toxins and chemicals added
  • Unhealthy fat and heavy carbs are NOT good for your body
  • Good fats are NEEDED by your body!
  • Fat does four things: slows down digestion, causes you to release fat, allows us to absorb nutrients in our foods, and allows us to feel full for longer
  • Fat provides 9 calories per gram… twice the energy of carbs.  So if you don’t consume fat, your body will HOLD onto fat 
  • Assignment: What are your 5 favorite fats?

Carbs are Your Friend!

  • All carbs (except fiber) get broken down to sugar.  The only difference is the RATE they get broken down
  • Too many carbs spikes your blood sugar and causes an insulin surge
  • Carbs are your ENERGY source
  • Using both types of carbs: simple and complex carbs
  • Including high fiber carbs to help slow down the rate of digestion
  • Assignment: What are your 10 favorite carbs?

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The physical and chemical properties of fats affect the way they are processed in your stomach and intestine. Unlike proteins and carbohydrates, which mix well within the aqueous environment of your gastrointestinal tract, fats are incompatible with water and tend to rise and float at the top of your stomach's contents. Dr. Haas says this is one reason fats are acted upon last and tend to slow digestion. LIVESTRONG

When we are at our optimal health, things like menopause can even be dealt with in a way that is not so traumatic.

Understand Your Body better!

If you are an endomorph and you are shooting to be super, super skinny… you’re not going to be happy!

We can’t go backwards, but we don’t have to lose hope!

Our bodies are talking to us.  They have BEEN talking to us for the last 50 years… we just haven’t been listing.  

I don’t care if you’re an ectomorph, a mesomorph, or an endomorph. It’s about getting to your optimal health… and you can do that!

You have to start where you are!  It’s not about what you did 20 years ago!

As your hormones shift, you have to raise your game.

You CAN reverse your metabolism.

Get clear on your body type, understand your set point, and understand that your body will slow down over time no matter what you do.

When you are NOT balancing your blood sugar, your thyroid moves that much slower. Your cortisol levels raise that much more. If you don’t balance your blood sugar, and you go back to the dieting world, you are writing your own destination to not living the quality of life.

Dieting is speeding up the process of slowing down our metabolism.

Every time you skip a meal, your body sugar is dropping.  When your blood sugar drops, your body over-releases a hormone called glucagon, which makes you cannibalize lean muscle, so it slows your metabolism.  But it also puts stress on your body.  That stress on your body, causes an increase of cortisol.  And when you have too much cortisol, you go into a negative state that affects your blood sugar, that over-releases insulin, and creates a negative environment in your body.  THEN any time you’re overeating, you spike your blood sugar, you over-release insulin.

Realize your results will move a little slower.  The way you get your thyroid moving again.  The way you minimize the amount of cortisol you’re releasing.  The way you can help counter the slower or non release of female hormones is to balance your blood sugar with proteins, fats, and carbs.

When you start to get hungry every 3-4 hours, even if you haven’t met your goals yet, it’s this confidence that you are doing something right by your body

Body type: accept it and love it> Dieting mindset: let go of it! >Start understanding your hormones! >Start balancing your blood sugar!

When blood sugar is stable, we can burn fat and we can increase lean muscle.  

Nutrition supports your fitness program.

It IS possible, we CAN live our best lives, and THROW AWAY THE SCALE!


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