Feb 22, 2021

Episode 28: How Not to Diet

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

This month continues to dig into the Disruptive Nutrition approach and we have been teaching why all the things you have been trying haven’t been working.  Today we are going to dig into what actually works.  In this episode of “How Not to Diet” we are going to teach you exactly what makes our approach so different!  Coach Brenne joins Coach Carrie again to discuss…

Knowing Food

  • Healthy AND correct
  • Understanding that all foods are proteins, fats, and carbs

Blood Sugar Stabilization

Treats & The Discipline of Declining

  • Understanding that you can’t eat WHATEVER you want all the time
  • Practicing the discipline of declining
  • Your body is more forgiving when you intentionally choose to treat yourself!
  • Never feeling deprived
  • Understanding your body and how food serves it and allowing that to be your guide
  • Cravings can be psychological or physical, but you will not know which unless you are fueling your body properly

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The Trouble with FASTING

Carrie, you screwed me up!  I can never just have an apple anymore!

Healthy vs Complete

It’s about fueling our body with food

Donuts & Cookie Dough= fat & carb

Food Guilt

What is more correct?  An apple?  Or pizza with chicken?

It’s not like the Noom commercial talks about blood sugar stabilization EVER- Carrie

Fat is like when you have your first kid and your like, okay NOW we are a family

Synergy= things separate aren’t as good as they are together

Can’t just track macros without considering how those foods work together

You can’t store fat when your blood sugar is consistently stable

Blood sugar too high? Stored fat!  Blood sugar too low?  Slowed metabolism & muscle loss.  We need to be in the MIDDLE!!  

I didn’t know WHY I was doing what I was doing

I have clients who ask me, “I have a bagel with butter for breakfast… why is that such a bad thing?”

You haven’t tried all the diets… you have been doing the same thing over and over.

How freeing is it not to have to track EVERYTHING?

Once you understand this… it’s a no brainer.

How in the world can they be so thin?  All they do is eat?

When your body is fueled correctly, you get to that hormonal balance.

Balancing our blood sugar is key.  That’s how we don’t diet anymore.

It DOESN’T mean we can eat whatever we want.  Life is a give and take.  If you go to bed too late, you’re going to be tired in the morning.You have to give something to get something.

When you eat right regularly, your body is more forgiving.  You become MORE like that teenage boy!

Not dieting is fueling your body in a way that it loves

If you can’t always eat healthy, you can almost always eat correct

When you understand that ice cream is a fat and a carb… you can let go of the guilt

Understanding and doing are different- 4w2w



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