Feb 15, 2021

Episode 27: How to “Switch” Into the Changes You Need to Make

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

This month Carrie and her coaches continue to dig into the Disruptive Nutrition approach. The first two weeks Carrie went into concrete information to cut the confusion of what too many people THINK is what we are supposed to be doing.  Today she is joined by Coach Nicole, and they are taking it from another angle…CHANGE.  Let’s face it, to get a different result, you have to do something different.  Yes, change is HARD but there is a formula for SUCCESS in which  Coaches Carrie and Nicole happen to have an expertise!  They can’t wait to share it with you! In this episode, they will discuss…

The Path

  • We have to do something DIFFERENT, but change is hard
  • Change is like an elephant, a rider, and the path they are on
  • The path is our systems, habits, and routines
  • Overcoming barriers with simple solutions to clear the path

The Rider

  • What you KNOW about your nutrition and your health
  • Being an informed person enables you to be successful
  • You need a solid plan to follow that is backed in science, that you can do for the rest of your life, and that you can have your kids do

The Elephant

  • This is your motivation and mindset!
  • No matter how clear the path is, no matter how solid the plan, if the elephant does not want to go… it’s not going to!

Mindsets that Hold us Back

  • Fear of Failure: How do I know that this is going to work for me?
  • The constant NEED to find something
  • Fear of Success: People do not want to have to deal with OTHER issues in their lives
  • People think that simple means EASY
  • Resistance to planning

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People feel like they have done all the things and none of them worked… but really they have done the SAME thing, which is deprivation

Give yourself grace.  You’re not going to be perfect.  Every day is not going to be perfect.


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  1. Noelle Lagusch

    I’m only about 7 minutes in and I have chills hearing that having the right mindset is essential to success. Wow!


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