Dec 28, 2020

Episode 20: Falling “Off the Wagon”

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

On our last episode of this month of mindsets, Carrie is jumping into a topic many of us deal with, especially this time of year…falling off the wagon!  This is a powerful way to close out the month, hopefully giving you some great things to think about as you move into 2021 along with really practical tips!  In this episode Carrie discusses…

How & why we fall off the wagon

  • We rationalize our excuses as reasons until they become habit/norm
  • We are not victims of how we REACT to our circumstances
  • Your WHY is not big enough


What we need to DO when we fall off the wagon

  • Ask yourself: is this becoming a new habit?
  • Recognize that behaviors CAN change if we have a BIG enough why
  • Focus small!  Do ONE thing toward health and wellness and do it every day for 5 days to get back on track: 
    • Plan out your PFC meals for the day for 5 days
    • Drink water: 64 oz for women 96 oz for men
    • If you don’t do your meal correctly, in 3 hours, get back on track!
    • Go grocery shopping and buy what you KNOW will support your why
    • Move your body
    • Clean your house & get yourself organized
  • After a few days, add one more thing!  
  • Wrap yourself in your mindset of CAN, the mindset of WINNING
  • What is your ONE thing?


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