Apr 13, 2020

Episode 2: Why Diets Fail

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Have you tried diet after diet without finding long term success?  You’re not alone, and it is NOT your fault! It is the diet! This episode reveals why what many of us have been doing to lose weight has not been working!

In this episode, Carrie discusses…

The Diet Industry

  • Why diets are designed to fail (2:30)
  • What dieting actually is (03:05)
  • How we are keeping the diet industry in business (04:00)

Why Diets are Not Sustainable

  • How dieting slows your metabolism over time (04:30)
  • How dieting loses its impact over time (06:00)
  • How your body reacts to fasting (07:30)
  • Why deprivation is not sustainable (09:00)

The Importance of Fueling 

  • Why you should not be saving calories! (09:25)
  • The important relationship we have with our bodies (09:35) 
  • Building back trust with your body (11:45)
  • The confidence that comes with knowing how to FUEL your body, mind, and soul (12:30)

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  1. Terri Risotti

    Excited to start working with this way of eating and being free from all the chaotic dieting crap!

  2. Laura Sorrenti

    As I sit and listen to Carrie, I am thinking about and visualizing myself LIVING and not DIEting! I have been seeking the truth about food and fuel and how to eat to live and not live to eat. I want to truly disrupt my previous thoughts/mindset about food and being happy/healthy!

    • Jennifer

      I’m Done with the “D” words!!
      No more diets or deprivation for me!

  3. Jasmine

    I can’t wait for my body to ‘trust’ me again so it can let go of the fat that I have allowed it to build up because of my dieting and deprivation of calories which meant I was mistreating it. I look forward to when my body realizes it can trust me that I will fuel it with good nutritious food so in return my body provides me a more energetic happy self!!

    • Donna Stevenson

      Listening to this I’m so ashamed of the hurt that I have done to my body. From a early age of dieting, taken pills, gastric bypass and getting results to only be hurting myself in the long run. I regret all of it and now after fighting cancer and no muscle mass and in my late 50 and another scare of cancer that might be there I’m totally lost of words. I feel like a baby trying to learn and walk again. The temple that God gave me I have broken it down and not taken care of it. I’ll be honest this is my feelings right now and I’m scared of trying to hard and failing again. I have so much to learn and I know it’s going to be a long journey with starting with emotional eating my big down fall because I’m feeding my soul not my body as Carrie has said. I’m hoping to be successful and I’m thankful for having a coach that will guide me if I don’t drive her crazy lol.


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