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Apr 13, 2020

Episode 2: Why Diets Fail

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Have you tried diet after diet without finding long term success?  You’re not alone, and it is NOT your fault! It is the diet! This episode reveals why what many of us have been doing to lose weight has not been working!

In this episode, Carrie discusses…

The Diet Industry

  • Why diets are designed to fail (2:30)
  • What dieting actually is (03:05)
  • How we are keeping the diet industry in business (04:00)

Why Diets are Not Sustainable

  • How dieting slows your metabolism over time (04:30)
  • How dieting loses its impact over time (06:00)
  • How your body reacts to fasting (07:30)
  • Why deprivation is not sustainable (09:00)

The Importance of Fueling 

  • Why you should not be saving calories! (09:25)
  • The important relationship we have with our bodies (09:35) 
  • Building back trust with your body (11:45)
  • The confidence that comes with knowing how to FUEL your body, mind, and soul (12:30)

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  1. Terri Risotti

    Excited to start working with this way of eating and being free from all the chaotic dieting crap!


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