Nov 30, 2020

Episode 16: Mindsets and Weightloss

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Coach Carrie is so excited to come at you for the rest of 2020 with a very special series.  It’s the thing that holds almost EVERYONE back from truly crushing their weightloss and health goals.  In this episode, she is going to require you to REALLY reflect and admit what the ACTUAL thing is that’s holding you back.  Please comment or leave a review and let her know your thoughts!  How you respond will help her to plan the rest of the month so she can truly give you what you NEED!  In this episode, she discusses…

 Reflects on Thanksgiving & Last Month’s Lessons

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Something is Better Than Nothing Holiday Program: 

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The Importance of Mindset

  • Mindsets as barriers to success
  • The impact of the diet industry on your success and mindset
  • Getting to our optimal weight by getting to our optimal health
  • Our program serves not just your body, but your mind and spirit for the long term

The Excuses we Make

  • The Victim/Martyr Mindset: “I am too busy!”
  • The Fear of Failure Mindset: “I just don’t have the willpower!”
  • Self Sabotaging Mindset: “I just wasn’t motivated anymore!”
  • The Fear of Success: What will you have to focus on if you succeed?
  • The Hard Work Mindset: “It can’t be that simple”
  • The Right Time Mindset: “It just isn’t the right time right now!”


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“Not only does it make you regain all the weight that you lost, but it makes you feel like it was your fault, which triggers more failure and more defeat, which impacts our mindsets considerably.  When we feel like, ugh, I failed at another one, then we are just continually beating ourselves down.”

What we teach, blood sugar stabilization versus quick weight loss, does what we wanted those diets to do but in a way that is what our body wants.  Not only do we get to our optimal weight but we do it BECAUSE we have gotten to our optimal health.

It’s what every BODY needs: blood sugar stabilization

Not only do we help serve your BODY, but it’s your mind and your spirit that need serving as well. 

I am too busy or I don’t deserve it

The pandemic CAN NOT continue to be an excuse

At Disruptive Nutrition there’s a place for you wherever you are

Ask yourself WHY?  Why am I still in the same place as the beginning of the year?



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