Nov 16, 2020

Episode 14: Holiday Tips: Holiday Meal Ideas

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Coach Carrie and Coach Jess continue to offer tips for thriving this holiday season!  This week, it is all about bringing food to the holiday gathering!  You are going to want to listen to the end on this one because there will be a HUGE Freebie and some awesome offers!  Carrie and Jess talk about…

WHY to Bring Food

  • An opportunity to share healthy DELICIOUS food
  • An opportunity to educate
  • Insurance that you will have the proteins, fat, and carb options you need to fuel throughout the event
  • Bringing the balance and providing opportunities for grazing

Simple Items to Bring

Recipes to Make & Bring

  • Apol’s Hummus
  • Clean Apple Crisp
  • Chocolate Zucchini Bread
  • Strawberry Mousse
  • Black Bean Pumpkin Sweet Potato Turkey Chili
  • Warm Lentil Salad with Sausage & Apples
  • Lemon Garlic Chicken Skewers 

Special Offers and Gifts!



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