Nov 2, 2020

Episode 12: Holiday Tips: No Saving Up!

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Well, the holidays are upon us which means we can start to see the end of a tough year!  But we don’t have to let the holidays derail our goals AND in fact, we can THRIVE throughout them!  Coach Carrie is joined this month by Coach Jess, and they are going to share tips each week so you can do just that during the holiday season! In this episode, they talk about managing your day when you KNOW you are going to indulge at night…and it’s likely NOT what you were thinking you should do! And they have a special offer at the very end, so stay tuned!  They explore…

Being Intentional Going into the Holidays

The Mistakes we Make

  • Putting off our health to January
  • Saving calories for celebrations
  • Having huge meals because you “saved up”

The Importance of Tuning into Your Body

  • You body will yell at you when it’s hungry or when it is full
  • We listen LESS to our bodies than what we hear from the dieting industry
  • Our bodies want balanced protein, fats, and carbs every 3-4 hours

Our Holiday Tip!

  • Start eating RIGHT away
  • Eat a little bit of everything throughout the whole celebration!
  • Eat small meals leading up to your main meal
  • Decide if your meal will be a yellow light (mindful) or red light meal (appreciation)

The Joys of a Boosted Metabolism

  • Your body can handle the big appreciation meal
  • You will get hungry again 3-4 hours after!

Special Offers and Gifts!

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