Oct 26, 2020

Episode 11: Keeping it Simple!

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Life is already busy and complicated enough!  Some seasons of your life are CHAOTIC!  In this episode, Carrie is joined again by Coach Shannon and they talk about keeping this healthy lifestyle SIMPLE!   Throughout this episode Carrie and Shannon share TONS of food combinations and quick grab and go meals they love!  Listen to the end for a SECRET code for a special freebie!!  They also explore…

The Basics of Fueling in 3s

  • Keeping blood sugar stable
  • NOT creating deficits
  • Eating complete protein, fat, and carb
  • Eating every 3 hours (5-6 times a day)
  • Building trust with your body
  • No cravings!

Tip 1: Throw Together Simple PFCs

  • KNOW your protein, fats, and carbs
  • Fuel for purpose!  It does not always have to be perfect!
  • The 101 PFC Combinations: CLICK HERE

Tip 2: Use Meal Replacements

  • Using MyFitnessPal and Nutritionix to look up macros
  • Arbonne Shakes: CLICK HERE
  • Recommended Aloha Protein Bars and No Cow Protein Bars: CLICK HERE 

Tip 3: Making the Best of Available Options

  • Stay consistent with timing
  • Control your portions
  • Do your BEST!

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  • Week of November 2nd
  • Nightly Lives!
  • Talk about mindsets, habits, PFC, and this lifestyle!

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