Aug 22, 2022

Episode 102: Kelly’s Confidence

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Diet Disruptor, Kelly, believes that when people know the TRUTH about nutrition… it can really make a difference for them.  We could NOT agree more, which is why Carrie wanted to have her on this episode to share the story of her amazing journey with all of you!  

Kelly, like all of us, went through the journey of diet after diet, functioning under the false belief that creating a deficit in her body would result in fat loss.  She believed that she had to work HARD to reach her number one goal… making the scale MOVE.  

But when she came to us she was afraid and defeated BUT willing to trust… and because of that trust, her willingness to shift her mindsets, and all of the knowledge she gained about nutrition and her body, she went from that place of fear and defeat to a place of CONFIDENCE where she no longer lives by the numbers!  In this episode, Carrie and Kelly discuss…

Kelly’s Past

  • Calorie deficit
  • Not eating after 5pm
  • Exercising on an empty stomach
  • Trying all the fad diets like Keto
  • Feeling like she could not have food

Kelly’s Wins

  • Looser scrubs at work
  • The habit of exercising of every morning
  • The ability  up with younger siblings
  • Increased energy
  • Shifting her mindset from “less is better” to food is fuel
  • Freedom from calculating calories
  • Freedom from the scale
  • Confidence!
  • Freedom from cravings
  • Freedom from guilt and shame

YOU can move from a place of defeat to confidence like Kelly!  YOU can stop living by the number on the scale!  All you have to do is take the first step and we have TWO options for you to get that ball rolling:

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