Aug 29, 2022

Episode 103: Wendy's Final Shot

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Carrie stands by her statement that our approach is the LAST nutritional advice you will EVER need… and this bold claim is exactly what hooked today’s podcast guest host!

Wendy was like SO many women out there… a frustrated, self-proclaimed “hormonal mess,” who had tried ALL the fad diets and had reached a point where she could NOT lose more than 5 pounds.  She was FED UP, had gone through three different wardrobes, and was afraid to fail again.  

So when she found herself in front of a Disruptive Nutrition Facebook ad listening to Carrie promising this would be different… that she would not have to count calories and could get rid of her food tracker… she decided to book a call and see what this program was really all about!  

In this episode, Carrie and Wendy will talk all about her journey, her success in this program, and learning that all of Carrie’s bold claims… were TRUE!  They discuss…

  • Wendy’s Wins
  • Wendy’s Husband’s Story
  • Will’s Traveling Tips
  • Will & Wendy’s Advice


You might be skeptical.  You might be afraid to fail again.  But this CAN be your LAST nutritional advice and your final answer!  So take your last chance and…

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