Aug 15, 2022

Episode 101: Getting in Control

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Do you find yourself feeling like life is out of your control?  In this episode, Carrie is going to talk to you about something called the “Locus of Control” and how your MINDSET can impact how much control you feel that you have in your life.  

The truth is… you CANNOT control all of your circumstances.  There is ALWAYS something chaotic just around the corner.  But if we place blame on those chaotic situations around us, if we keep WAITING for life to stop being chaotic before we begin making progress… we will never reach our goals.

The Locus of Control is about a shift from external to internal control.  You can’t control your circumstances, but how much you believe you can control your response to chaos will greatly impact your sense of control.  Your circumstances do not have to dictate your response!  

In this episode, Carrie will talk all about HOW you can keep directing yourself back onto the right path and make progress toward your goals EVEN in the face of chaos.  She will discuss…

Signs of an External Locus of Control

  • You blame the circumstances around you for what you “can’t” do
  • You have a victim type of mentality
  • Blaming lack of time
  • Blaming lack of support
  • Blaming lack of funds
  • You feel resentful

Signs of an Internal Locus of Control

  • You reflect without guilt, looking for information
  • You ask yourself about the consequences
  • You are not just naming problems… but looking for solutions
  • You take responsibility for your response

Transition to an Internal Locus of Control

  • Replace can’t with won’t
  • Speak/write out a “Plan of Action”
  • Start every morning with intention
  • Spend at least 30 seconds to 1 minute to reflect at the end of the day
  • Define what an ACTUAL fire is

Are you ready to switch from an external to internal control mindset?  Are you ready to create YOUR plan of action!?

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