Apr 18, 2022

Episode 85: Sue’s Incredible Journey

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Have you felt frustrated with health problems that no diet or medication seems to successfully keep in check?  Who wants to live with this kind of frustration every single day, for the rest of your life?

In this week’s episode, Coach Carrie is joined by Diet Disruptor Sue!  Sue, a teacher, had a long history of blood sugar issues that left her frustrated and afraid to have even a piece of cake!  But after 15 years of struggling, Sue finally found her answer in Disruptive Nutrition, and she could NOT be happier!  In this inspiring episode, she and Carrie discuss…

Sue’s Story

  • Since 2009, has struggled with insulin levels and blood sugar stabilization
  • Every 3-6 months she needed bloodwork 
  • Had to take metformin 
  • No matter what she did, her bloodwork was ALWAYS borderline and she lived in fear of food
  • After 15 years of trying EVERYTHING possible and nothing worked, she became a Diet Disruptor and had TWO excellent blood work tests
  • She now only has to have her blood work done once a year like everyone else!

Knowing Food & Knowing her Body

  • Sue loves that she can live an 80/20 approach to serve her body AND soul
  • Sue recognizes that EVERY food is a P, F, or C and, therefore, NOTHING is off limits anymore!
  • She is able to make intentional decisions about her food because she truly KNOWS her body now
  • She finds this lifestyle easy and satisfying
  • She is FREE to say OKAY and not feel guilty or depressed when her husband suggests going out for ice cream!
  • She knows that if she eats ice cream two days in a row her stomach will be upset BUT she won’t worry about gaining weight
  • She figured out WHY her ankle had been swelling seemingly for no reason for YEARS 

Her Transformation

  • At her heaviest, it was more than her weight… her stomach was acidic, food didn’t taste good, she had no thought behind what she was eating, and she just didn’t feel good in her own skin
  • She was working out inconsistently, but enough to get off metformin before becoming a Diet Disruptor
  • She was very inconsistent with food going from eating whatever she wanted to starving herself
  • She THOUGHT that fasting was going to be SO good for her blood sugar, but it was NOT because she was dropping REALLY low and then spiking REALLY high again
  • Now she is eating all the time even as a busy teacher 
  • She got rid of her scale by her own volition 
  • Is measuring her progress by how her clothes fit and she is getting RID of clothes that are too big for the FIRST time!
  • She is sleeping better
  • She was able to clear her adult acne
  • She is working out now EVERY morning before work after saying she would not ever do that!
  • She is consistent with her morning time to set herself up for success through her day

Staying Consistent

  • Leveraging the planner
  • Always doing some kind of food prep
  • Always has her grab and go items at the ready
  • No longer has to plan out every meal like she did at the start
  • Getting her husband on board because he enjoyed the recipes so much

If you want to finally experience a transformation that will LAST, do not wait to book a call with one of our coaches so we can talk to you and help you figure out how you can turn your nutrition around TODAY!  https://training.disruptivenutrition.com/booknow?el=msg   

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