Dec 7, 2020

Podcast: Episode 17: Knowing Your Value

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

This whole month, Coach Carrie is digging into what she believe is the #1 issue holding ALL of us back from getting to our optimal health: our mindsets.  In this episode, what she talks about understanding mindsets and how it relates to what we believe is our worth and our value.  She digs into…

How we measuring our value in how we look and what we eat (or don’t eat!)

  • The desire of a quick-fix as a means to becoming more valuable
  • The belief that we are not WORTH the effort beyond a quick fix approach
  • Feeling BAD about eating too much
  • Feeling GOOD if you’re feeling hungry all the time
  • The believe that we have to deprive ourselves


The hidden messages about beauty & worth

  • The misguided believe that beauty hurts
  • The messages we send to our children
  • The trouble with eating different meals than our family
  • The beliefs perpetuated “Diet” Foods


The importance of letting go of weight and focusing on value in our HEALTH

  • Stop focusing on looking a certain way
  • Understand what it takes to be healthy and strong
  • Understand what your body really needs
  • Understand your WHY: Why do you want to lose the weight?
  • Triggering approach that will make you feel better mind, body, and spirit
  • When we get to our optimal health, we get to our optimal weight… and it will stick!


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“I hear women especially all the time chasing after something when it comes to their health, when it comes to their weight, and it’s chasing that quick fix, that quick weight loss, so they can get back to where they believe they are most valuable, as a skinny person.”


When we’re really hungry, we can’t do ANYTHING without thinking about food.


Beauty shouldn’t hurt


That weight on the scale… that can make or break your day.  And your value can go up and down… based on that stupid scale.


“I need to understand what it actually meant to be healthy and strong”


“[You] are SO much more than what they look like and how much they weigh.  [You} have value so much beyond all of that…  Has anybody told you that?  


What have you done in your life?  Who are you as a person?  What are your hopes and dreams?


Losing 30 lbs in a month is not success.  


You become more who you were MEANT to be when you are living your best life and you are living your healthiest


When you get to your optimal health… you will get to your optimal weight


We keep doing it wrong and we keep doing it for the wrong reasons


If you are trying to lose weight so that you can feel more valuable, so that you can feel better about yourself, you are doing it in the wrong order.


You need to recognize and know that you are worth it you are worth the investment, you are worth the time, you are worth consistency


Your long term place on this earth matters.


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