Nov 23, 2020

Episode 15: Holiday Tips: No Guilt Holiday!

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

This month Coach Carrie and Coach Jess talked all about THRIVING this holiday!  They have gone over why you should NOT save calories, they talked about alcohol, and they shared tips on what to bring to the party.  To end the month, they are going to talk about avoiding GUILT this holiday season!  They discuss…

It does NOT have to be ALL or nothing

  • One meal does not determine the rest of your day
  • Remind yourself that you will be getting right back on track
  • Follow up a celebration meal with a shake 3-4 hours later

Feed your spirit!

  • You CAN enjoy your family traditions without derailing your goals
  • We need to satisfy our mind, body, and spirit

You do NOT have to work off your meal!

  • Stop thinking you have to earn your food
  • You can NOT work off a bad nutrition program
  • Stop punishing yourself with cardio
  • CELEBRATE with a strength workout and USE the extra food as energy
  • Shift your mindset from I HAVE TO to I GET TO
  • Carrie talks about Living Lean and Jess talks about ChaLEAN Extreme!

It is ALL about balance during the holidays!

  • Don’t blow off the two months!
  • Engage, indulge, and use the time intentionally
  • Continue to eat your small meals
  • Don’t allow food to make you feel guilty
  • Satisfy yourself and your traditions
  • Start a strength training program!

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