Sep 12, 2022

Episode 105: What Does "Sustainable Nutrition" Really Mean?

by Carrie Lupoli | Diet Disruptors Podcast

Starting NEXT week, Carrie will begin a series where she will be bringing each and every one of her coaches to you each in her own podcast episode.  Every single one of the Disruptive Nutrition Coaches BECAME a coach because of going through the Disruptive Nutrition Program and disrupting her own nutrition.  They were not the result of an ad that Carrie put out for nutrition coaches!  Because that is NOT what this company is all about.

And as Carrie began to prepare for this exciting new coaching series, she started to think about how long she and each of her coaches has been THRIVING in this lifestyle and why that is.  No matter what life throws at each of them, they consistently show up for themselves!  So what is it about this program that makes it simple, sustainable, and satisfying in a way that NO fad diet could ever be?  

Well, in this episode Carrie will answer that very question by sharing exactly what sustainable nutrition really means so that YOU can take a hard look at what you have been doing and decide if it is REALLY working for you.  She discusses…

  • What Sustainable Nutrition Does Not Mean
  • What Sustainable Nutrition Actually Means

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