How to lose weight and still go out for dinner

I love to go out to eat.  And I do it probably more than I should.


But not because of “health” or “nutrition” reasons…it’s more of a budget thing for us.  When we looked at how much we spent last year on “dining out” it was shocking. Like, THAT COULD KEEP OUR KIDS FROM GOING TO COLLEGE kind of shocking.


Well, maybe not that bad but still, it was a big number.


So we decided to cut back to once a week, which we found was totally do-able and has forced me to cook more at home. 


But when we do go out to eat, I eat whatever I stinkin’ want.


And so do my clients.


And they are still losing weight, crushing goals and feeling amazing.


How?  Because the approach I teach disrupts everything the diet industry has built.  They know you are going to go out for dinner eventually and not eat according to “plan” and, because your body has been deprived of nutrients and calories from this said diet, your metabolism is crazy slow.


Sooooo…..BAM…one dinner out and you start to gain weight.  Then, you inevitably have another meal here, a night out with friends there, and before you know it, you have gained back all that you lost….and more.


And then you get mad at yourself, feel guilty, and look for a new diet to try. 


And going out to dinner feels like a non-option when you are trying to lose weight, right?




The key is to adopt a nutrition approach where your body isn’t deprived from a diet but is nourished and fed like we do when we put gas in a car.  We can’t run our cars on fumes, yet we think we can run our bodies that way.


And then, when we are on a diet and eat more calories than we are “allowed,” or finally eat carbs, or stuff ourselves because we are starving, our bodies don’t know what to do with that and LOVES the nutrients and doesn’t trust when you are going to feed it again…so it holds onto it.


It’s part of the yo-yo dieting cycle everyone seems to get stuck on.


Instead, when you fuel your body with the right nutrients, at the right times, in the right portions, your body becomes a fat burning machine because your metabolism is high and your body trusts you are going to give it what it needs on a regular basis.  


It’s almost like it’s saying, “I know this chick is going to feed me what I need again in 3 hours so I will just take what I need and burn of the rest.”


Pretty wild, huh?


And this is how it works:  Eat within an hour of waking up and EVERYTIME you eat, make sure it is a complete protein, a fat and a carb.  




By eating this way, you are literally fueling your body with food SO THAT it can re-calibrate it’s metabolism faster and faster. (We call this “PFC Every3.”  For more info on exactly what it is and how to do it, click here and I’ll send you a free guide.)


And you know what happens when your metabolism is at a super sonic speed?


It means part of the plan involves going out to dinner once a week and eating ANYTHING YOU FREAKING WANT.  No rules, no PFC….just FOOD.


Why? Because your body has started to trust you.  After clients do our 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Lifestyle Launch and get their body nice and primed for this way of living, it BELIEVES you will give it what it needs.  It TRUSTS you will feed it consistently so it doesn’t have to try to nourish itself on its own. It LOVES how you treat it so it rewards you with a sped up metabolism that can take a hit once a week and not. miss. a. beat.


We call this an apprecation meal.  


Notice I didn’t say “cheat meal.”  I said APPRECIATION MEAL because cheating sounds like you are doing something wrong and I say, CELEBRATE the relationship you and your body now have!  And, in fact, celebrate WEEKLY!


When you have an appreciation meal once a week you can have any of the foods you don’t typically eat but love, like ice cream, or Big Macs (that was my pregnancy craving….) or cheesy french fries….and not have one ounce of guilt.


Now, you might feel like dog crap after you down a Big Mac and fries.  But you won’t have guilt. 




Interested in disrupting everything you THINK you know about what to eat?  Join me for our next 4 Weeks 2 Wellness Lifestyle Launch!!  Click here to learn all about it!