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NEW!! The Disruptive Nutrition Weekly Planner Pad


One of the most important ways to truly change our habits, get healthy and lose weight for the long term is to build self awareness and be intentional. The Weekly Planner Pad, designed exclusively by Disruptive Nutrition's founder and certified Life Coach, Carrie Lupoli, is exactly what you need to get on track in less than 5 minutes a day. CLICK HERE for more info
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Our One-of-a-Kind PFC Recipe Subscription!

We have taken all the work out of this lifestyle for you with our monthly recipe subscription. Find out why subscribers say it's like Christmas every month when they get a new one in their inbox! Our PFC Balanced recipes are simple, tasting, family friendly and balanced so you can CRUSH your goals!  Only open during certain times of the year. Click here for more info.

101 Simple PFC Grab-and-Go Meal Combinations!

No more than 5 ingredients for simple, PFC meal ideas! 101 Simple PFC Balanced Meal Ideas are pre-written PFC combinations that use 5 ingredients or less, are already perfectly portioned and ready for you to USE! Just $19.00 with Immediate Download Click here for more info.