ConfidenceRecently Coach Deb hosted an engaging and informative FREE 5-day virtual seminar where we taught all about our nutrition approach, and we heard from woman after woman how their confidence was at an all time low.

Every couple of months I also host free webinars to teach our approach and I constantly hear my students tell me, over and over, that they lack confidence, too. 

I get it…when you aren't at your optimal health or weight, it's hard to feel confident about yourself.

But I have a theory, and it rests in the fact that your confidence doesn't actually lie in the weight on the scale.

I believe it has to do with YOU really feeling like you have the answers to get you to where you want to be.  I believe that confidence comes with the security that you are on the right path.  Even if you haven't reached your destination yet.

A couple weeks ago I was interviewed by my incredible stylist named Carrie (yes, I have a stylist and you can too…she is a virtual stylist who is not only affordable but REALLY good!) all about how folks can feel and exude confidence even if they have't reach their goals yet.

It was a good talk…like a REALLY good talk…I re-listened to it over the weekend and even re-motivated myself (LOL)!  I also got some amazing feedback after posting it to our free Facebook group, so I thought that instead of my weekly blog, that I would share this with you!  I really think it will help you to feel amazing, regardless of what that stupid scale says.


Reply in the comments to let me know what you thought of this interview!



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