The longer I do this work, the more and more empowered and frustrated I get.


I’m empowered because I KNOW that the answer to long term weight loss, health and energy lies in fueling your bodies instead of depriving them. It works 100% of the time when clients do it correctly, consistently and confidently.  


However, as the years go by, I find my frustration levels also creep up higher and higher because I feel like I can’t share this with enough people. Too many still think they have to deprive themselves and live miserably in order to reach their goals.


Counting calories is one of those practices society has seemed to accept as an “inevitable norm” in being able to lose weight and “get healthy.”


If I hear “calories in/calories out” one more time…..


Here’s the thing…calories are units of energy in any given food. They don’t take into account if a food is a protein, a fat or a carb. It doesn’t care if its an Oreo or an apple. Calories don’t discriminate or specify.


It’s like saying all dresses are the same, that some may be larger or smaller than others but if you need a dress to wear to a wedding, any dress will do.


Simply put, all calories are not created equal and to think that simply taking in less calories than we burn will only put our bodies in a deprivation mode. This results in a loss of muscle and a slower metabolism.


In addition, because calories don’t take into account the actual nutrients, like proteins, fats and carbs, it gives no credence to the importance of pairing these three together every time we eat.  Eating 350 calories of pretzels (a carb) is VERY different than eating 350 calories of sliced turkey (protein), almonds (fat) and an apple (carb).  


Want the pretzels? Fine, just be sure to pair it with a protein and a fat.


When we don’t take into account the combination of what we call “PFC” in every meal and just think about calories, we are missing out on the KEY towards reaching our goals: consistent blood sugar stabilization. CLICK HERE to download a free guide all about PFC!


Our bodies NEED us to have a balanced blood sugar. I don’t have to remind you what happens when you haven’t eaten all day and you are not just hungry, but HANGRY? Your blood sugar is TOO low for you to function.


Or when you are stuffed because you overate a ton of bad food (probably carbs) and now you are sluggish, tired and feel crappy? Your blood sugar is HIGH and is trying to balance itself out.


So, counting calories and tracking them for the day is not only counter productive and ineffective but it is a TON OF WORK. I don’t know about you, but while I coach nutrition, my dietary choices and meal planning CANNOT take over my life or I would be doing nothing of purpose.


But when SHOULD you count calories?


Well, I usually say that if each meal is a balanced PFC, women will likely be at about 250-350 calories every time they eat and men will be at about 350-450.  


So, when you are at one of those fast food restaurants and they show you the calories of each meal (my goal in life is for restaurants to show you PFC numbers instead, but I digress…), you can ask yourself these two questions:


  • Does this seem to have a proper PFC balance? (For more on portion sizes, see the article “Food As Fuel” by clicking here.)


  • Are the calories around the amount I should have for each meal? If they are way higher, a great trick I do? Eat half the meal now and the other half in 3-4 hours!


Here’s to ditching the calorie tracking apps and spending your time doing something that MATTERS!!!!


There is no better way to learn the concepts we teach than with a coach and a proven program to not only teach you the LAST nutritional advice you will ever need, but by implementing WHILE you learn, you make habits that stick and drive on auto pilot!  What would life look like for you if you didn’t have to THINK about the next diet you are going to try????

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