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Brenna Kosicki

Brenna Kosicki

Certified Health Coach, IBNFC

Brief Bio:

As a mom of two teenagers and a school district administrator, finding ways to stay healthy on the go is super important.

I’ve spent my entire career working with students who have unique learning needs. It brings me so much joy when they are able to succeed because of a collaborative team who think outside of the box to create different learning opportunities. That is why I fell in LOVE with Disruptive Nutrition! I found that I wasn’t successful sustaining a “diet” and couldn’t understand why, because I wanted to do it, more than anything in the world! I think we have all been there. Finding Disruptive Nutrition was such a game changer. Not only is this lifestyle sustainable, there are articles, videos, live streams, phone calls, you name it! If it will help you be successful, it’s here.

I am inspired to be on this coaching journey, thinking outside the box for your success.


Helpful Nutrition Hint:  Wake up every day with a big glass of water. It rehydrates you from your sleep, especially those of us who have those dreaded night sweats!



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