The Best Protein Shakes and bars for losing weight

Best Protein Bars for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain 2019 – One of the things I teach my clients are to eat small meals with a combination of a protein, fat, and carb…every 3 hours. Eating the right food, at the right time, in the right amount is a formula for success and strength!

However, if you eat your first meal within an hour of waking up, you will realize you are eating 5-6 meals a day!  (Note, I always refer to them as “meals” not “snacks” because they all are equal in portion and combination of food!  To learn more, check out my mini course I am launching soon on the topic!

It means you will eat more food and more times a day then you are probably used to. It may seem counterintuitive to eat so much but it is key to actually boosting your metabolism and jump-starting your body. The combination of those three macronutrients, when combined together, every 3 hours metabolizes in your body differently than if you eat them separately.

Here’s the thing…many think it’s hard to eat that many times a day, those combinations of nutrients but it’s totally doable especially with a couple of high quality protein shakes or bars into the day!   Because it’s an easy and fast way to get a PFC meal in, in the middle of a hectic day.

Best Protein Bars for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain 2019

Having meal replacements like HIGH-QUALITY bars or shakes allows you to get a fixed amount of nutrients and allows you to eat correctly throughout the day when most of us lead hectic lifestyles, Note…not all meal replacements are equal!

That is why I put together this guide of the best PFC balanced meal replacement options on the market…too many are filled with tons of junk or don’t have the right balance of proteins, fats and carbs to keep your blood sugar balanced and to rev up your metabolism.

Your Healthiest Options:

Chocolate Brownie Aloha Bar: This is THE FAVORITE, go to the bar not only for me but for all my clients.  It’s a COMPLETE vegetarian protein (which is HARD to find by the way…most vegetarian proteins aren’t complete and that won’t do for you what you need it to). It’s got clean ingredients and this is the only flavor that is a correct PFC balance.

My Favorite Protein Shakes: There is seriously NOTHING else on the market like this. They are not only a COMPLETE protein (See above) but their ingredients are of some of the highest quality out there and if you become a preferred client, the cost is just $2 a shake!  Better than most bars. Click here for amazing PFC shake recipes that use this brand.

Chocolate Sea Salt or Ice Lemon Protein Snack Bars: These are manufactured by the same company that sells my favorite protein shakes and they are clean and tasty…but not the BEST PFC balance.  It’s hard, ya’ll to find “healthy” and “correct” meal replacements. But here’s my hack…they are low in protein and slightly low in fat so add a hard-boiled egg (with the yolk) and you are good to go with a HEALTHY and tasty option!

Not as healthy, but balanced and good for emergencies:

Oatmega Bars: These don’t have the best ingredients but they taste AH-MAZING and are a great PFC balance

Kirkland Brand Bars: This has whey protein which is dairy based and I try to stay away from but they are YUMMY, have a great PFC balance and are good to have in your emergency arsenal of options.  I know the manufacturer of these bars and they are a great family, so I like to have these on hand!

Best Protein Bars for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain 2019

One Bars: This is a variety pack with some great options here.  They have whey protein, and other “non clean” ingredients but again, awesome PFC balance and tons of flavors!

Power Crunch: A bit high in fat and every flavor isn’t PFC balanced BUT these are so darn tasty…I eat them as a healthy dessert sometimes (Vanilla is my favorite)!

Come Ready Chocolate Sea Salt: This was one of my first PFC Balanced finds…SUPER yummy, not the best ingredients but again, use it for a back up and you are good!

Robert Irvine Chocolate Peanut Butter: If you like peanut butter, there is nothing better than this, taste wise.  Great balance of PFC, not clean ingredients but SUPER yummy!


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Best Protein Bars for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain 2019

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Best Protein Bars for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain 2019
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