Sick of diets, love carbs and still want to look and feel amazing?

At Disruptive Nutrition we are disrupting everything you THINK you know about what it takes to lose weight, get healthy and crush your goals. 

Why? Because we have been taught all wrong and it's time to do it the right way. 


It's True. We have been duped.

We have been made to believe that to lose weight and get healthy we have to cut calories, cut carbs, and basically cut out eating in general.

It's just plain wrong.

The thing is, since when is operating at a deficit a good thing?

It isn't.  And it feels awful to deprive ourselves, to be hungry, to track our food. 

It's also really bad for us. Dieting may work at first but it will ALWAYS slow down our metabolism and cause us to gain the weight back. Cue the feelings of defeat, confusion and frustration.

So why does the diet industry do that?  Because they want us to come back.  Again, and again and again.  And we do.

News Flash.  It wasn't YOU. It was THEM.  

Instead, we need to be fueling our bodies, not depriving them.  And not only does it FEEL really good to eat (carbs, included) but it's really awesome to FINALLY crush all those goals. Forever.


How is No One Else Teaching This?

-Lindsay M., Ohio

It's Simple.

Because are too busy for confusing, tracking and counting.

It's Sustainable.

You have to be able to do it for the rest of your life.

It's Satisfying.

Because if it isn't, you won't do it forever.

Hi, I'm Carrie and I've been where you are.

Hey, I'm Carrie, a certified health and nutrition coach and a busy working mom who loves wine, and carbs..  But for too long I deprived myself of those things and still hated my body. and myself. Dieting will do that to you.


All I kept thinking was, “Is there really no solution that works?

I hated dieting and feeling deprived. I hated that I had daughters who saw me eating a different meal than they did at dinner, thus triggering all the food and self esteem issues that started from when I was a teenager.


So I dug in to figure it out. I learned that to get lean, you needed to eat more. It went against everything us women have been conditioned to believe, but it's true.  I started to understand that just like a car, running your body on fumes won't get us to our optimal health, especially as we get older. 


Now, as I enter my late 40's and having coached thousands of women, I know the solution is actually much simpler than we realize. It's satisfying and we can do it for the rest of our lives.


And I want to teach you too.  Where ever you are in your journey, there is a place for you at Disruptive Nutrition

“I have been on a never ending up and down weight journey for years. I have had so little success with so many other plans. With your help, guidance and unwavering support I am beginning to accomplish my goals with a sustainable plan for the long term, the greatest one being my reduction in anxiety. Didn’t realize it was happening, but I used to have massive anxiety attacks in the morning and throughout the day, some crippling. No more.

There are not enough words to thank you for this gift of health!”


“I have learned so much with you.

I think my biggest takeaway has been around my ability to develop a positive relationship with food. I've suffered from an eating disorder and body image issues most of my life.

Learning the Disruptive Nutrition approach has been my first step into the right direction with food being a positive in my life. This turned into so much more than losing weight for me, it's about fueling my body properly and loving myself.”


“I’m very happy I did this – not to get too sentimental – but – I think it is saving my life! I had worked with a trainer before and he never taught me what I learned with you.

I think of the crap I was eating that wasn’t very tasty, gave me no pleasure when I ate it and made me feel sick and tired after eating!!!! What was I thinking?

I just got my blood work back because I have been Type 2 Diabetic. My A1c went down 3 points since my appointment 3 months ago. My doctor was shocked.”


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