Take a Deep Breath...You're Home.

We need you to know that we see you. 

We see you looking at yourself in the mirror, unhappy and frustrated.  

We see you trying diet after diet only to feel deprived, unsatisfied and hopeless.

We see you searching for solutions and confused by everything that is out there.

We see you because we once were you.  .


And we know that you can find a solution that is simple, sustainable and satisfying.

We know that you can reach your goals without dieting, tracking or giving up carbs.

We know you can model a healthy and obtainable lifestyle for your kids.


How do we know?  Because Carrie and her team have been where you are and know how to get you to where you want to beFast forward to today where Carrie and her team and have supported thousands of women all over the world to not only transform their own lives but who are also educated enough to influence their partners, children, friends and family to do the same.


Fast forward to today where the movement we started is growing.  A movement designed to help women see their value and strength, to teach them more about food and what their bodies actually need, and to support them in determining their true purpose. 


Our team wants to support you to disrupt everything you THINK you know about what it takes to truly be the healthiest version of YOU.

Meet Carrie…

As a former Division 1 college cheerleader who believed that how she looked determined her value, Disruptive Nutrition Founder Carrie Lupoli had no idea how to eat and developed an eating disorder which led to not only a very unhealthy relationship with my body and food, but one that she was passing onto her girls after finding it impossible to lose weight with a diet and maintain it for the long term

It was then that a coach entered her life who taught her the truth about what our bodies really need….food because we are refuel-as-we-go machines and NOTHING thrives in a deficit.

She learned how abusive the dieting industry messaging is to women…because not only do they teach us the OPPOSITE of what we need, but it actually causes us to get unhealthier over time.

Fast forward to today, where Carrie is closer to 50 than she is to 40 and in better health than she was in her 20s.  She is raising 2 strong teenagers who aren’t growing up with the same disempowered mindsets she had about her value being in the size of her body.  

Not only is Carrie a certified health coach, nutritionist (IBNFC) and life coach, but as a former behavior specialist and special educator, (M.A., M.Ed) she realized her expertise in behavior change, in conjunction with teaching people how NOT to diet, made for a pretty transformational recipe for success.

Carrie has been married to her super supportive husband Peter for 22 years and together they are navigating the adventure of raising two teenage girls, and two pups! Follow her personal account on Instagram here!