5 Tips to Make Summer Less CrazySummer is upon us and if you are like me…a busy working mom with a to do list a mile long, you may have a love/hate relationship with summer.


I LOVE the weather (as I type this I am sitting outside by my pool, enjoying the sunshine and drinking a Fizz Stick) and I LOVE the idea of no routines and stepping away from the craziness of the school year.


I LOVE the summer barbecues, eating dinners outside, the cool nights making S’mores with the kids or having an after dinner drink on the patio with my husband.


I also HATE that so many “real life things” need to be done and don’t stop just because my kids don’t have a schedule.  I find it hard NOT being in a routine because I forget to meal prep, I can’t seem to get ahead of the laundry or the to do list…and I find that the time I want to spend with the kids seems to get sucked up by the cyclone of things that get messed up because of the lack of routine.


And then, because the kids are home, I feel guilty that I can’t seem to find the time to do the fun summer things that we all envisioned….swimming in the pool, going for bike rides, hikes, exploring the library, going mini golf….


So, this may not help with all the stuff, but I have been implementing a few things this summer that makes me feel like I am not completely losing my mind and that I am somewhat enjoying the time with my kids.  

#1: Manage my expectations with the philosphy of “Something is Better Than Nothing”:  I am applying this approach to my workouts, my nutrition and my home.  I am not as organized or as consistent, but if I can do SOMETHING each day to make me feel like I have not lost all focus, I feel a little better.  It’s often a protein shake in the morning, click here for my favorite ones. I try to take the dog for a walk with my daughter, on the days I can’t get to Crossfit, and I do one thing to stay on top of the laundry…throw it into the washer/dryer OR fold.

#2: Make a BIG 3 list:  Every morning, right when I wake up, instead of scrolling mindlessly through Facebook while I drink my hot beverage, I write down my “BIG 3” list.  These are the big 3 things I really MUST get done today. Everything else is a bonus.  

#3: Time Block:  Right after writing my “Big 3” I then timeblock my day…I schedule in when I am going to do those three things and then schedule in the things I really WANT to do but haven’t had the time to do because my day gets ahead of me.  I time block in 15 minute increments….and even schedule time for me to eat and throw in laundry! You will be shocked at how much more efficient you can be!

#4: Get in your water: Water energizes us and is a huge factor in weight loss…so even if you aren’t eating as healthy as you can or working out as much as you would like, keeping a water bottle filled by your side all day will be KEY in your own self care and energy!

#5: Mindless Meal Prep: We teach our clients how to eat so they fuel their bodies, not deprive them with diets.  But that means we have to have food in the house, prepped and ready to go. We eat a compete protein, fat and carb every 3 hours and sometimes people can get overwhelmed thinking they have to prep alot.  NOPE, not so. I always have a mixture of proteins, fats and carbs ready in my fridge…they aren’t prepped like meals, per se, they are just ready to grab and go. Today I had about all of 30 seconds to eat so I grabbed a few slices of turkey for my protein, a handful of almonds for my fat and a juicy apple for my carb…it was healthy and just as fast as grabbing a bunch of chips!  Eating like this gives me more energy too, so bonus! 

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Here are some of my grab and go Proteins:

    • Sliced turkey and ham (organic, high quality)
    • Frozen shrimp
    • Hard boiled eggs (egg yolks count as fat)
    • Tuna packs
    • Jerky
    • Protein Shakes
    • Protein bars
    • Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store
    • Smoked Salmon (P and F)
    • Full fat yogurt (PFC)


Here are some of my grab and go Fats:

    • Mini wholly guacamole cups
    • Nuts (try to stay away from peanuts)
    • Olives
    • Almond butter
    • Olive oil (use it with vinegar for dressing)


Here are some of my grab and go Carbs:

    • Thin Stackers rice cakes
    • Apple
    • Orange
    • Baby carrots
    • Tortilla wrap
    • Sandwich thin
    • Strawberries/blueberries/raspberries
    • ½ banana


Summertime can take us all by storm, but throwing in a few mindful, intentional tweaks to your day can balance out the craziness with the fun of it all!


What is at least one thing you can do this summer to get you a bit more on track?



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